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Sliding gate kit. 24v. Max 600kg. Per gate. Prox

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Data sheet

Gate typeSliding gate
Single or twin kitSingle gate kit
Motor voltage24v
Max weight per gate600kg
Locking methodMechanically locking motor
Wired or wirelessSliding gate
Audio or VideoSingle gate kit
Gate Speed18 m/min
Duty CycleIntensive
Obstacle DetectionBuilt-In Obstacle Detection
Mains power supply230v
CategorySliding Gate Kit

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Complete Kit for a sliding gate up to 600kg with induction limit switches.

Battery Backup Available

Battery backup is available for this motor for in the event of a mains power failure. Electric gates make it particularly difficult to gain access to a property if the mains power fails.

Bus Connection for Peripherals

Control Panel has Bus terminals for the connection of photocells and accessories with a easy 2-wire Non-polarised wiring system. Speeds up the installation by preventing errors during installation. Can be connected as desired i.e serial parallel etc.

Slow Down on Open and Close

With this equipment you can adjust the speed of your gate as it approaches the open and closed positions. Further improving on the overall installation and provides a personallised and refined touch to each application.

Integrated Open & Close Limits

This equipment features adjustable open and close limits. This allows you to set the gates limits of travel without the need for a physical stop in the ground.

Built in obstacle detection

This equipment features built in obstacle detection. Implemented correctly this can stop and reverse upon detection of an obstacle. Obstacles are detected when the gate experiences an increase in resistance that can be caused by a person or a vehicle or an object or even wind obstructing the path of the gate. Although this safety feature can be very effective it is strongly advised that all installations undergo an impact force test to ensure the safety of anyone who may come in to contact with the gate. Further safety can be added with the addition of safety edges.

Solar Ready

This equipment can be solar powered. Whether you are looking for a low cost eco-friendly installation or want to cut down the cost of installation by removing the need to excavate for mains power or you simply cant get mains power to the gate for whatever reason. This equipment is the ideal choice.

What comes in the box

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Motor ModelMains Power SupplyMotor VoltageMax Weight per GateMax Length per GateLocking MethodMotorGate SpeedDuty CycleNotesKITSINGLE KIT
NICE RB400230v24v400kgMechanically locking motorElectromechanical20 m/minIntensiveNICE ROBUS-400-BDKCE KIT
NICE RB600230v24v600kgMechanically locking motorElectromechanical18 m/minIntensiveNICE ROBUS-600-KIT
NICE RB600P230v24v600kgMechanically locking motorElectromechanical18 m/minIntensiveMagnetic LimitsNICE ROBUS-600P-KIT
NICE RB1000230v24v1000kgMechanically locking motorElectromechanical16 m/minIntensiveNICE ROBUS-1000-KIT
NICE RB1000P230v24v1000kgMechanically locking motorElectromechanical16 m/minIntensiveMagnetic LimitsNICE ROBUS-1000P-KIT
NICE RB500HS230v24v500kgMechanically locking motorElectromechanical26 m/minIntensiveHi-SpeedNICE ROBUS 500 HS KIT
Product Options
Nice - Upgrade Remotes

Two Remotes come in the kit. Here you can select which you prefer. Standard remotes are pre-selected.

On3eBD & OxiBD
Nice - Upgrade Bus Photocells
  • Nice Mofb

    Nice Mofb

    Wired Pair of Photocells with Bus connection. Adjustable 30°.
  • Nice Epsb

    Nice Epsb

    Wired Pair of Slim Photocells with Bus connection. Estimated range 15m. Dimensions (mm) 30x27x106 h.
  • Nice Epmob

    Nice Epmob

    Wired Pair of Medium Photocells with Bus connection. Adjustable 30°. Estimated range 15m. Dimensions (mm) 50x38x80 h.
  • Nice Epliob

    Nice Epliob

    Wired pair of recessed installation Photocells with Bus connection. Adjustable 30°. Estimated range 15m. Dimensions (mm) 70x65+9x70 h.
  • Nice F210b

    Nice F210b

    Pair of syncronised Photocells with battery powered transmitters and Bus connection. Adjustable 210° horizontal and 30° Vertical.
  • Nice Ft210b

    Nice Ft210b

    Pair of syncronised Photocells with battery powered transmitter and Bus connection. Adjustable 210° horizontal and 30° Vertical. Includes a built in connection and transmitter for 8k2 resistive safety edges.
  • Nice PHW

    Nice PHW compLete with Nice IBW Wireless Receiver.

    Pair of Photocells with built in Photovoltaic panels for completely wireless installation. Comes with Nice IBW Receiver for connection to control boards with Bus Connection.
LED Safety Light
Wired LED Flashing Safety Light
Access Control
EDSB Wired Keypad, EDSWG Wireless Keypad, EKSIEU Recessed Keyswitch, EKSEU Surface Keyswtich.
Add 4m of Rack
Add 4m of racking here or add it seperately if you need more.
4m Nylon Rack (ROA6)
4m Nylon Rack (ROA6)
4m Screw On Rack (ROA8)
4m Screw On Rack (ROA8)
4m Weld On Rack (ROA7)
4m Weld On Rack (ROA7)
App Control Module
Get app control for this kit. Requires wifi signal at the gate.
IT4 Wifi
IT4 Wifi

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